Free consultation

We invite you to schedule a private free consultations at Iconic Hair Care and discuss your hair loss concerns with one of our hair replacement experts to understand about your hair loss needs and requirements. We care about you, we don’t want you to waste your time and money with a procedure you don’t really need.


We care about our clients and we love making them happy and satisfied by respecting their privacy and confidentiality concerns. We, at Iconic Hair Care intend to keep on providing excellent services to retain everybody’s trust.

Discounted hair system

If you already have an existing hair system, you can trade it in and use the credit to lower the price of a new hair system with a higher quality and the help of highly professional expert team of stylists that can give you any hair styles you like.

Professional experts

You will be consulted and assisted by the best consultants in Dubai and the UAE with years of experience in the industry. Providing you excellent services and highest hair system quality that Allow you to achieve the full desired result of a full head of hair were you can sleep, shower, swim, play sports and live with it as you normally would, just as if it was your own hair

Cozy and relaxing clinic

Friendly consultants and a Totally private rooms where you can relax and be comfortable throughout the procedure.

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